Why Elite Hub Sites?

If Your Business is going to Compete in Today’s Online Market Place!
Having JUST a Website in No Longer Enough

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not just about ranking in Google (Search Engines)!

It’s about TRAFFIC! Attracting highly targeted relevant visitors to your website that want what you’ve got!

Website In The DesertIt all starts with Your Website but a Hub Site is much more than just a website.

A Hub Site is your ‘location’ on the Internet and we all know that when it comes to business, location is everything.

The ‘old’ SEO methods no longer work! Unless your website is:
♦ Structured correctly,
♦ provides a Great User Experience and
♦ built to Brand, Inform, Engage and Convert,
it won’t matter how great it looks or how many back links you throw at it, your website will just be an ‘Online Business Card’ attracting visitors who already know who you are anyway!

All Elite Hub Websites include:

Elite Hub Sites Platfrom

♦ Planning: Design / Plan Your Strategy, Define Your Sites Purpose
♦ Website: Developed with the knowledge of 15 years experience
Structure: 100’s of ‘best practices’ built in; Mobile optimised
♦ SEO: Search Engine Friendly & provides a good user experience
Social Media: Created and Optimised for Branding, SEM and SEO
♦ Test and Measure: Analytics and other test and measure tools
Plus: Mailing List;  Split Testing; Security; Backup; much more
Training: We don’t just build your site and hand it over.
We train you how to manage it or we can do it for you!