Kim Atkins - Elite Hub Sites

Kim Atkins – Elite Hub Sites

Online Marketing, Conversion and SEO Strategist

Hi my name is Kim Atkins and I am the founder of Elite Hub Sites.

My highly trained team and I have been developing SEOd (Search Engine Optimized) Local, Branding and Marketing Hub Sites which are highly optimized using Search Engine Friendly techniques and Social Media integration to increase Branding and Exposure of your business on the free side of search engines since 2001. In Internet years, that is a long time.

When I first started as a computer programmer we used binary code (0 and 1) to program using computers that filled a room that was temperature controlled. We’ve come a long way since then!

Over the last 10 + years, I have developed a unique template that has hundreds of best practices built in based on years of testing and measuring what works to rank high on the free side of Google as well as providing a great user experience, maximize sales and promote engagement, authority and trust. 

Elite Hub Sites helps maximize your website with business marketing strategies designed to convert and utilises up to date Website SEO techniques to help you obtain great lasting Search Engine results