Website Design

Why You Need More than ‘Just a Website’

All websites are not equal. Chucking up a website and hoping It Gets Found is no longer enough!

Website In The DesertIf You Want Your Website to work for you, You Need To Know:

♦ What Type of website you need?
♦ What do you want the website to Achieve?
♦ Who are your Target Audience?
♦ Where do they Hang Out?
♦ What are their Wants, Needs, Fears and Frustrations?
♦ What Action do you want your visitors to take?

Website Statistics

Having a Flashy Website with all the Bells and Whistles does not matter If NO-ONE Can Find It and If They do stumble upon it, it’s not designed to engage and convert. With close on a billion websites, your website needs the competitive advantage.

You don’t need to be the expert but you need to know enough to tell if the expert you are relying on – Knows Their Stuff!!


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